A funeral service is one way to show respect toward a loved one who has departed, and it’s important that a family plans the perfect farewell. Choosing the right casket is part of this process, and this step can be overwhelming because of the different options combined with grief. 

No matter how difficult the planning process may be, you must understand your options before making your choice, which will most likely be between a wood or metal casket. Knowing the differences will help you make an informed decision, and the following guide will help:


A wood casket can be made of oak or mahogany. This type of casket will help you feel connected to Mother Nature; oak is lighter, while a mahogany casket will provide you with a more lavish look. Both types of wood are considered timeless, and the cost will depend on the kind of wood you select and how ornately decorated they are. A wood casket can be simple, or it can be elegantly carved. It can also be stained and well-polished if you like.


Metal caskets come with a seal which is important for long-distance transportation. Additionally, metal caskets can also include waterproof linings and locks, and these elements will also make it safer for long-distance travel. If the deceased’s body needs to travel a long distance, you will need a metal casket, and you will have several options to choose from as there are various designs and colours. This means you will be able to choose a casket that represents the personality of the departed. 

Comparing the Wood vs. Metal Caskets

You need to consider several factors when comparing metal and wood caskets. Logistics is one as metal would be the better choice if the deceased’s body needs to be transported long distance. Pricing is another aspect you must consider, along with the features you want. This information will point you towards the best casket, so determine your budget and design references in advance. The type of funeral service you are planning can also affect your decision, and last but not least, do not forget to consider the deceased’s final wishes, as this is extremely important.  

Ultimately, families should focus on planning the best funeral service for their loved ones, and you can choose any kind of casket you want. Consider the features you and the deceased would want and select accordingly. 

Here at Fort McMurray Funeral Homes, we understand how difficult planning a funeral can be. There are a lot of emotions involved, and grieving will take time, but you can count on us if you need a shoulder to lean on. We have been serving our community for years and are always ready to help, so contact us today for more information.