Final disposition refers to the method in which someone is laid to rest. Final disposition is often thought of as either burial or cremation. Burial is most certainly a method of final disposition but cremation, similar to embalming or body donation, is a procedure done prior to final disposition. 

Following cremation one can be buried, scattered, or placed in a niche. The steps that take place following cremation would be the method of final disposition. Prior to the before mentioned options the individual may remain at home with their loved ones while resting in an urn, or they may travel with their family or friends to another destination. 

What happens before final disposition takes place? 

As mentioned above, embalming and/or cremation may take place prior to a service. The family may wish to have a Funeral or Celebration of Life. The service may be held in a Funeral Home, Church, Community Hall or Family Home. There may be religious elements, such as having a Pastor or Imam preside over the service. The service may have no religious elements and have a Celebrant speak, share stories or eulogies and invite others up to share memories. 

Sometimes rather than a formal structured service, a time of gathering or visitation may be held. This can include a reception time, an open mic, video tributes, memorial tables and so on. 

The option is also available to have families come in to bathe and dress their loved one, as is common practice in some communities. This would take place prior to the service, visitation, or wake. 

What happens after final disposition takes place? 

Following the service, visitation or wake, burial or cremation may take place. Burial can also take place prior to the service.

When cremation is chosen, burial or scattering may follow. The urn can also be placed in a niche, columbarium, or return home with family and friends. 

Can final disposition take place outside of Canada? 

Yes, at times burial can be set to take place outside of Canada. Cremation can also take place outside of Canada following a passing. Supporting documentation would be obtained and produced by the chosen funeral home in Canada. 

Fort McMurray Funeral Home staff are trained on assisting families throughout this process. We work to ensure a timely trip home, and provide a safe place for your loved one to rest while flights are being booked. We are equipped with a controlled temperature room that remains locked at all times while your loved one is in our care. We monitor them daily and ensure they are safe and prepared for a safe flight or drive home. 

When to talk about final disposition with your family? 

Death can be a very intimidating topic to bring up with friends and family. It is however very important to discuss what is important to you for when the time comes. Letting your loved ones know what your final wishes are, and where any important documents are stored is an important first step. Keeping everything in one file at home can ease the stress greatly when the information is requested by the funeral home. 

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