Everyone experiences loss differently and accepting the death of a loved one is a very difficult thing to do. People will have different views when it comes to planning a memorial and this is especially true when there are different generations of groups trying to plan a funeral.

Every aspect from economics to design aesthetics will have to be considered and both cultural and generational influences will play a role in these very important decisions. There are many factors that can influence a person’s views regarding loss, including their core values, historical events that shaped their generation and family values, all of which will impact a person’s perspectives. People will then base their choices on these factors when planning a memorial.

Generational Influences of Cremation Urns

Generational differences can sometimes lead to disagreements, so it is a must that everyone thinks of the deceased to prioritize their wishes, as this is what’s most important. Those involved in the planning process should be able to compromise in the interest of keeping the peace and remember that emotions will run high when dealing with loss, so you may run into conflict if you do not give up some ground. Avoiding arguments would be in everyone’s best interest, so do your best to be empathetic because everyone will have a different opinion. The older generation may not like the idea of cremation and will likely prefer a traditional burial, while the younger generation may not understand why traditions are so important when laying a family member to rest.

Cultural Influences of Cremation Urns

Different cultural backgrounds within a family can also create tension because funerary practices will vary from one culture to another and planning a funeral or selecting an urn can be very challenging in this regard. The Jewish religion, for example, generally frowns upon cremation while the Hindu culture requires cremation. Some cultures hold a feast to honour the life of the deceased, while others wear mourning clothes for a specific period of time after the death of a family member, so there will be many differences depending on one’s culture. The rituals that are unique to your culture will impact the way you proceed when planning a memorial and diversity can sometimes lead to challenges.

It’s important for everyone in the family to come together to select the cremation urn that is most suitable for the deceased. There are urns that reflect the aesthetics of a particular culture, so you will have options and can also choose to have the urn engraved with a symbol that would represent your family’s blended heritage. Urns can be handcrafted and different generations and cultures can come together to find a solution that reflects the deceased and their family’s composition.

Fort McMurray Funeral Home understands how difficult this process can be and if you require assistance planning a funeral, we are ready to help. We will help you make the necessary arrangements and will present you with different options, so contact us whenever you’re ready for more information.