The pain of losing someone you love can be enough to create an indelible scar in your heart forever. But organizing a service, whether that be a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, can help ease the pain, and make surviving the next day feel more tolerable. It also provides an opportunity to respectfully pay tribute to the deceased while keeping their spirit alive within your heart and everyone else who loved them dearly.

Five Reasons why Families Honour Their Loved Ones

1. It Lets You Say Goodbye

A funeral, memorial or celebration of life gives you the chance to share final thoughts before saying goodbye. In order to heal, it’s necessary to take the time to mourn the loss before beginning to move forward. According to many studies, these types of services are the first step toward grieving and play a significant role in healing. Having these rituals can also allow us to share and exchange stories while keeping the memories of our deceased loved ones alive.

2. It Helps You Find Closure

After hearing about the passing of someone close to you for the first time, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by sudden bursts of emotions. Even though the pain can feel overwhelming, services that are a celebration of life, like memorials or funerals, allows us to find closure. This also helps us with transitioning into a new life in which we don’t have any physical ties with the deceased, but a spiritual one remains instead.

3. It Brings Loved Ones Together

Experiencing a loss can be a very isolating experience, but when you decide to honour someone with a service, it brings you together with other loved ones. Friends and family members can grieve alongside one another and will be able to understand each other’s pain more than anyone else. During this period of collective mourning, they can also celebrate the person they admire by showing how the deceased had a good impact on other people’s lives.

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4. It Teaches You To Celebrate A Good Life

The loss of a loved one is very heartbreaking, but honouring and paying respects to the deceased teaches us the importance of celebrating a well-lived life and sharing the deceased’s story. Instead of constantly mourning over a loss, families can celebrate life, one that was filled with unconditional love, unending happiness and beautiful memories. Stories or fun facts can be shared about the deceased. As a result of this, family stories can be passed down to different generations, keeping their legacy alive.

5. We Provide the Best Arrangement Process For You

If you are looking to honour your loved one with meaningful service, we would be pleased to assist you. Fort McMurray Funeral Home offers affordable services, including cremation, memorial and traditional burial. We can assist your family in giving your loved one a final, meaningful tribute.

If you have any questions about planning a service or would like to request additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff directly at Fort McMurray Funeral Home.

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