A Ceremonial Casket, or Rental Casket, is a type of casket that can be used for cremation or when your loved one will be traveling via airplane nationally or internationally following a Funeral Service or Visitation. These caskets can be used to help lower the costs of the Funeral Service or travel expenses.

The casket is designed to have two parts. 

1) The outer shell. This shell will look like an extravagant casket, often wood. It will most likely be a half bed casket, meaning about half of the lid will open during a Funeral Service or Visitation. 

2) The Cremation Container interior. This will most likely be made of dense cardboard. The interior will include a pillow and casket lining. (All the fabric you see around the outer edge of the casket and such.) 

Following the Funeral Service or Visitation your loved one would remain within the interior portion of the casket. This means we would not need to remove them from where they are resting by lifting them out of the casket. The entire interior is slid out, via the end of the casket, and either transported to the crematorium or placed in an airline container. 

When traveling nationally or internationally it can be best to use an airline travel casket rather than a full traditional casket. The cost of the airline ticket can depend greatly on the dimensions of the casket and the weight. The ceremonial insert and airline travel casket will weigh far less and be smaller than a traditional casket. 

When cremation is set to take place either prior to or following a Funeral Service or Visitation this option can provide the look of a traditional casket at a discounted price.  

At Fort McMurray Funeral Home we have two Ceremonial Casket options 

1. A maple wood casket with a round top with a shine finish
2. An oak wood casket with a round top with a natural wood finish.

maple wood casketoak wood casket

Contact us at Fort McMurray Funeral Home for more information and for tours to view the Ceremonial Caskets we have 780-799-3388