In today’s modern age we have many amazing technological options when it comes to honouring a loved one. Physical photos can be scanned into computers and used for a variety of personalized products, Funerals can be live-streamed and attended by people all over the world, and commemorative products can have even more personalized touches. 

Memorial Cards 

Memorial cards are often handed out at Funerals, Visitations and Wakes. They can be as complex as a multipage booklet or as simple as a bookmark or postcard. They can consist of several photos, service details, an obituary or biography, poems and so on. These cards can be seen as a keepsake or memento from the day. 

These cards are designed at Fort McMurray Funeral Home with a graphic designer. They are custom made for each family to best honour the individual who has passed. 

Video Tributes 

Video tributes can be a part of the Funeral or shown at the Wake, Visitation or Reception. They are typically 10 to 12 minutes long, but can be longer, and consist of about 75 to 85 photos. The video tribute is often accompanied by music, usually 2 to 4 songs. The family should receive a copy on a USB or DVD following the final disposition. 

At Fort McMurray Funeral Home we compile the images and music. We select a theme for the video’s opening sequence that best honours the individual who has passed, and always provide a draft for families to view before the video is finalized and prepared for the Funeral or Visitation. 

Personalized Guest Books 

Here at Fort McMurray Funeral Home, in addition to memorial cards, guest books can have the obituary or biography, photos, poems and additional personalized information. Some allow for a photo to be in a frame on the front of the book, or for personalizations to be printed onto the pages inside the book. We offer both personalized and non-personalized guest books. 


Customized jewelry can mean a variety of unique products. At Fort McMurray Funeral Home our jewelry provider offers necklaces, bracelets, rings, earring, cufflinks and many more options. Some necklaces and bracelets can be keepsake urns. 

These options can be customized with a engraving of a fingerprint, name, dates, quotes, photos, or signatures. They are also able to create custom blown glass art and jewelry that incorporate a portion of cremated remains. 

Live Streaming 

In today’s world families may live provinces or countries apart. Differing Time zones and travel accommodations can cause additional stress when planning a funeral. One amazing option we now have is live streaming. 

There are a variety of platforms that can be used to live stream a service. Facebook Live, Zoom, and Youtube are just a few options. While the service is being live streamed it can also be recorded. This provides an option for those who are unable to attend to still be apart for the service. 

Fort McMurray Funeral Home is dedicated to helping you honour your loved one in a way that is best for them and your family. We are passionate about providing you with premium service options at an affordable rate. 

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